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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Filing complaint against licensed social workers

I've enjoyed watching the 'Silent Voices' episodes w/ Dennis and Sandy.  As I've listened to the different, but eerily similar, stories of parents, grandparents and relatives losing children to the "child welfare system" in Michigan, I am saddened by the way DHS/CPS/foster care agencies handle their cases.  As a social worker - a licensed clinical social worker - currently living in CA, but born and educated in MI, I feel we, as I, too, am a victim of Michigan's system, should start filing complaints against licensed social workers and their supervisors.  If you have a valid complaint about unethical practices, please go the National Association of Social Workers website.  Read over our code of ethics and determine if a worker has acted improperly and unethically.  Then file a consumer complaint.  Go to, click on the 'Licensing for Health Care Professionals' link to read how to file the complaint.  You can also verify that a license is current, if the person or his/her supervisor is licensed and whether there have been previous complaints made against a particular worker.  If this had been done regularly by those of us affected by the "bad practices" of these so-called "social workers," we might not be at the point we are currently - fighting for our children with 'SILENT VOICES.'  If you've done this, bully for you and for those of you who think there is no where else to turn, use this avenue to send a message that states, just like the NASW Code of Ethics, we will not stand by and allow a (licensed) "social worker to participate in, condone, or be associated with dishonesty, fraud, deceit, or misrepresentation."  Do any of these adjectives describe what you've experienced from your interactions with social workers, interns, supervisors?  If so, then, PLEASE, file the complaint.  Let the social worker answer to his/her licensing board for a change.  Send a message! 


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