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Monday, April 29, 2013

NE: 'Shared parenting' in child custody cases stalls in committee -

'Shared parenting' in child custody cases stalls in committee -
Nebraska contact the Judiciary Committee members and let them know that you want the bill passed now and then follow up with them. Make sure that you tell your friends and family too. Listen to the reasons that they want to deny you your right to parent your child. They presume that you are an abuser if you don't accept 2nd class parenthood assigned to you by the government employees and your hateful ex.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

NE: Bill for Equal Parenting Rights opposed by Government Employees

Bills would make equal parenting time the norm -
Read this, contact all of your state and federal politicians. Tell them that judges do have the ability to decide what is best under these bills. The current standard is that they have to only use hear say but the bill would require them to use clear and convincing evidence. Prior abuse convictions are clear and convincing but allegations are NOT! Also know that the government employees are paid based on the number of support orders and the amount of support collected. This is the reason why they Oppose It! FOLLOW THE MONEY